Cooperation Partners

Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi)

BITMi has specialized in representing the interests of medium-sized companies (preferably based in Germany). In cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Economics, the formation of close networks is promoted and thus the productivity of IT SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and their market development is promoted. We not only want to benefit from this potential, but above all we want to actively contribute our experience and knowledge.

Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft

The BVMW is the largest, voluntarily organised and cross-sectoral interest grouping of German medium-sized companies. As a partner company, we support the goal of strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies and thus securing their future viability. Therefore we support the events of the BVMW, in which important impulses, topics and the direct dialogue with high-ranking representatives of politics are promoted.

Netzwerkpartner für IT-Sicherheit

nrw.uniTS primarily organises, coordinates and mediates contacts, but also knowledge, projects and actions in the area of IT security which are of use to individual companies and others, but which cannot be implemented on their own. University and business work closely together and combine application-oriented research with action-oriented entrepreneurial spirit. We have chosen this partnership out of conviction, because only companies that address the social (security) needs of tomorrow have a future.

BKK Dachverband e.V.

BKK stands for innovative care concepts and insurance-friendly solutions. Until the 1980s, the focus was on easing the burden of heavy and monotonous work, but today, occupational health management revolves around topics such as stress reduction and back-friendly working. As an employer, we would like to counteract these current physical and psychological burdens in a preventive manner and have therefore decided to cooperate.


With the company programme, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, together with the leading associations of German industry (BDA, DIHK, ZDH) and the DGB, is working to make family friendliness a trademark of the German economy. It offers success stories of companies that practice family-conscious personnel policies through innovative measures. In today's society, we see it as absolutely necessary to make it possible to combine work and family life.


According to the study, about 25% of all sick days occur due to back problems. Back pain is a very common phenomenon that affects almost everyone. Especially long working hours at the desk are known to be harmful to the spine and muscles. We have therefore decided to work with a gym that specialises in occupational health management.

Naturschutzbund Nordrhein-Westfalen

Der NABU in NRW pursues the goal of preserving nature and its biodiversity in North Rhine-Westphalia. This includes protecting biotopes, giving nature the chance to regenerate itself and, in the worst case scenario, even to sue for a North Rhine-Westphalia worth living in. At the same time, NABU is interested in making areas available for residential and leisure uses, for trade, industry and commerce, as well as for transport infrastructure. We support NABU in this through our membership.


Debeka impresses the competition with its service concept and the use of surpluses. These are used for product improvements or for profit sharing with members. We have decided to cooperate closely with Debeka within the framework of our company pension scheme - the Pix pension. Debeka convinces our employees with its employee-friendly offer and the personal, competent consulting service on site.


For more than 20 years, the Vertec Group, based in Zurich, Hamburg and Vienna, has been developing suitable business software for project-oriented service providers (especially management consultants, lawyers and consulting engineers). The software combines CRM and ERP functions and has a modular and flexible structure. It supports customers optimally in customer relationship management, project management, service recording, invoicing and project evaluations. Vertec is now used by over 900 customers, can be updated and can be adapted to changing requirements at any time. With the two ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, the company stands for high product quality. We have chosen to work with Vertec and develop the Vertec Connector because our demands and expectations regarding product quality, service and customer satisfaction match. This is also confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate, which has been awarded to the partner since 2002. The additional ISO 27001 certification acquired in 2013 attests to a high level of professionalism and optimal care in dealing with information security.


The comprehensive products of the Australian software manufacturer Atlassian provide support, ease of work and above all perfect planning in almost all business sectors. Atlassian sees it as its mission to develop the full potential of each team through open working. As the first Atlassian partner worldwide (in 2003), we provide consulting and mediation services for successful project management with everything that goes with it. Thus we support our customers in building and optimizing their support systems, (source) code management (development, administration, change and monitoring), smooth communication, user administration and permissions, quality assurance, enterprise wiki and collaboration solutions.


Zoom Video Communications brings teams together in a frictionless video environment. The simple, reliable, and innovative video-first unified communications platform delivers video meetings, webinars, and chats across desktops, phones, mobile devices, and conference room systems. Zoom helps organizations create and live custom workflows with leading business app integrations, business applications and developer tools. Founded in 2011, Zoom is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices around the world.


JetBrains is an innovative software provider specializing in intelligent developer tools. JetBrains was founded in Prague in 2000 by Russian software developers Sergey Dmitriev, Eugene Belyaev and Valentin Kipiatkov.
No matter how big or small your team is, JetBrains' solutions ensure that it is always a smooth and pleasant experience when creating and delivering your code, planning your work and collaborating.

Industrie- und Handelskammer

The IHK is known to support companies in numerous areas. As a training company for the professions of IT system specialist, IT specialist for system integration, IT specialist for application development and office administrator, we support the IHK as examiners for final examinations. We take this task very seriously and in this way we contribute to a high quality of examinations and support the next generation. Working on an examination board may be time-consuming, but it is worth it - for all parties: the trainees, the companies and for the examiners.

Heimat- und Kulturverein Niederkrüchten

The Heimat- und Kulturverein Niederkrüchten is committed to the region and organises numerous events and activities. We support these projects financially and are also active in many events ourselves. The main goal of the association is to preserve and maintain local history and the care of the local area, as well as to combine and develop the traditional and the new in a meaningful way. In this way, knowledge, responsibility and solidarity about and with one's own homeland is awakened and promoted.

myLoc managed IT AG

Our contribution to sustainability: We deliberately chose the data center provider myloc in Düsseldorf because it offers a clever, efficient, progressive and climate-friendly energy supply in cooperation with the Düsseldorf municipal utilities. The data centre is cooled by a combined heat and power unit (CHP), which operates via an absorption refrigeration system with combined heat, power and cooling (CHCP). In this way, the necessary cooling is regeneratively generated from the waste heat of an engine. In the data center, 100 percent of the required cooling is thus provided. In addition, the CHP technology saves around 30% primary energy compared to separate electricity and heat generation. myLoc thus reduces CO2 emissions by around 830 tons per year. We are very much in favour of this.

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