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Pix Portal

Do your customers keep sending inquiries by e-mail? And often to the wrong person and you have to forward them internally? Are these inquiries constantly taking you away from your work and costing you time and energy?

In order to reduce this senseless flood of e-mails to zero e-mails, if possible, central systems are suitable which always inform everyone.

With our Pix Portal we have created a central place that is the contact point for current requests and notifications from your customers.

  • Give your customers the ability to quickly and easily create requests and automatically assign them to the right employee or department.
  • Connect one or more Jira instances or even other ticket systems to the portal and easily connect your customers' requests with your internal processes.
  • Communicate or share attachments directly with your customers in the request.
  • Keep your customers up to date with your own blog or provide your customers with a knowledge base.
  • Inform your customers with email notifications when something has changed in the request or an action is needed to process the request from the customer.

We make our Portal
your Portal

Customizable according to your requirements:

  • Show off your colors or create a custom layout for each client.
  • Decide via permissions what the customer can execute or see in the Pix Portal.

Pix Portal - your central point for requests and notifications

With the Pix Portal, you bring structure to stressful day-to-day business, assign notifications and tasks, and keep your customers up to date.

We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities offered by the portal.


Your request in the Pix Portal

Clear display of the important information

Communicate with your customers directly about the request

Give your customers the possibility to track all changes to the request

Task view

Clear display of all requests

Possibility to search for requests and save the filters

Subdivision of user requests and customer requests

Customer inquiries in the right place

Each request type in the portal can be linked to a specific project and issue types in Jira

This way you are always in control of which department or employee is handling your customers' requests


Quick overview of recent requests

Status display of the customer request

Starting point for the customer in the portal

The administrator area

In the admin area you can customize everything to your needs and control everything from there:

  • Configure your request types with the specific fields.
  • Manage your customers and users
  • Connect your Jira instance to the portal
  • Customize the portal to your corporate design

Interactivity for even better collaboration

Keep your customers up to date

Assign specific news to specific customer groups

Give your customers the possibility to download files directly from the portal

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We will be happy to advise you on all questions concerning our portal.

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Do you still have questions about the portal?

Here we have compiled some questions and answers for you, which may help you in advance.

If you have any further questions, we will of course be happy to advise you!

FAQ Pix Portal

» Is it possible to use the portal with more than one Jiras?

Yes, the portal can even be connected to multiple Jira instances in a company. This allows you to offer all customers a central place to submit requests. Nothing needs to be adapted or changed in Jira, the portal connects homogeneously to your Jira instance. The portal alone is responsible for synchronization with Jira. It retrieves the relevant information from Jira and updates tickets in Jira independently.

» Can the portal also be operated on our servers?

The portal is a standalone web application that you can host with us or on your own servers.

» Can my customers change the status on a ticket from the portal?

If your processes or workflows of your ticket system (e.g. Jira) provide for an action of your customer, you can give the customer the permission to change from one status to the next in the portal.

» What types of requests are there in the portal?

You decide that yourself! If you have only one type of request, there will be only this one in your portal. If you need more, just create them.

» Can custom defined fields of my ticket system be used in the portal?

Yes, you can custom defined fields of your ticket system (e.g. Jira) in the portal and assign them to a specific request type. Thus, you determine which information is necessary for a request. In addition, you can specify whether a field is optional or necessary.

» Are custom fields also synchronized with Jira?

You can connect any custom field with the fields from Jira. Thus, you decide yourself which information in the portal is also necessary in Jira.

» Can my customer prioritize a request?

Prioritization is only possible from within Jira.

» What user groups and rights are there in the portal?

Three user groups are distinguished in the portal:

  • Customers can comment on their requests, upload attachments and, of course, can only see their own requests in the portal.
  • Agents can see all requests in the portal, edit them, comment on them and upload attachments.
  • Administrators can make all settings in the portal.
» What can my customer see in the portal?

Each user can see only his and his assigned company requests.

» What additional information can I provide to my customers in the portal?

In the portal you have the possibility to provide messages of your company to your customers. You can also assign messages to specific customer groups only. This way you have the highest possible flexibility that messages arrive where you want them to.

» Is it possible to assign multiple customers to one user?

In the portal there is a possibility to assign users to several customers (companies). Example: Mr. Mustermann, a freelance project manager who currently works for two companies. Both companies require services from you. You can assign both companies to Mr. Mustermann in the portal without any effort.

» Can the user interface be customized?

Yes, you can customize the portal to your corporate design. Moreover, you can also assign an individual layout to each of your customers.

» Is there a demo to get an idea?

If you would like to see the portal live in action, we will be happy to give you the opportunity to arrange a presentation with us: CONTACT

Advantages of our Pix Portals

  • One portal can be used with several Jiras as a central point for your customers
  • The Pix Portal is a central point of contact for inquiries and notifications
  • Create a separate layout for each of your customers
  • Keep your customers informed in one central location
  • Tie your Jira for project management to your portal
  • Customize your portal in your colors and with your logo

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